Hello, Im new here and looking for some mix/composition/interest critiques on my music.

Though its not as good as any of the bands mentioned in the title, those are my main influences. Throw in a little Pink Floyd and ....well....a lot of other stuff.

Anyway here is the link:


The songs:

Siren Song - Queens of the Stone Ageish but more aggresive than most of their stuff

Of Fire and Light - My favorite. Heavy, soft, little trippy, some stoner, etc.

So, drop by and let me know what you think or how I can improve and I look forward to hearing some of you guys stuff.
Very very cool stuff. Great quality and singing is really good. Even the screaming is really good and your singer at parts sounds like Qosta ish which is great. How long you guys been together/ age? And where/ how you record this? If you feel like checking out my band just check out my sig. But amazing stuff.
To answer your questions, the band is just me...age 25.

Recorded in my apartment living room. Drums are "Drumkit from Hell 1". Other than that, just standard recording techniques and whatnot.

Thanks for listening and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Probably one of the best sounds I have heard here (I do like Tool though) Awsome heavy sound! I just grabbed "drumkit from hell 1" so I know the sound should be good. I will definately keep an eye on any updates you do. BTW, what area are you from?
Im from good ol' Chattanooga, TN . Drumkit from Hell 1 is pretty sweet(though I would LOVE LOVE LOVE Drumkit from Hell Superior). It takes a bit of EQing, compression, and reverb to make them sound good, but it can definetely be done a hell of a lot better than I did. They can be quite cumbersome to work with as well, but I just don't really like programming drums.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment and for listening! I am currently working on another set of four songs, though it will be a while and they will probably be quite a bit different, as this is some of my earlier work.
wow, thats pretty ****ing good, the recording sounds real good aswell, man if u lived near me you wouldn't need to look anywhere else for another guitarist or bassist!

i really like the music, let us kno when u have anymore

so what kind of equipment did u use? guitarwise etc....?

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