For a while now I've been using the minor pentatonic, the beginners scale... I feel like I can't do anythign with it any more. I've start using the natural minor, but I find it difficult to add the two added notes without it sounding a bit, cliche or flat. I want to bring more spice to my music, does anyone know a site with anyone using the natural minor, strictly, to produce a really good solo? I know theres hundreds, I just need general advice on my soloing ideas.

Can anyone try and point me in the right direction?

Your help is greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance

Learn the Aeolian and Ionian modes of a major scale, observe where the pentatonic sits inside them. These modes allow you to see where arpeggiated chords go, and incorporate them for a much more harmonic solo. Of course, also listen to a lot of solos, learn little licks from them and see what is done in them/ just incorporate them and expand from them.
the pentatonic scale isnt all that bad (almost all the music i listen to, the pentatonic scale is used for the solo), theres a really good lesson on here called the hopscotch method part 1 that really really helped my playing, i was in the same situation as you, and learning how to do that really added new variety to my playing