I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on converting my old peavey classic 50 to full tube - it has tube pre amp section but solid state post amp.

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do you mean a Solid State Rectifier, or a Solid State power section?
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i have a classic 30 and it is all tube. the 3 preamp tubes then ig uess the other 4 are called poweramp tubes. i dont know much about the names lol. i think im right though...
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My classic 50 is one of the 80's originals - It only has 2 6lC tubes in the preamp section, but the other section (not sure of name here) is solid state - can this be converted to all tube?
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I wouldn't bother. You would have to change almost the complete poweramp section of your amp. Prob cheaper to buy a new classic 50, that is alltube
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You'd have to do some massive DIY effort and it wouldnt' be the same as the Classic 50, alternatively you can try contact a peavey dealer and get just the poweramp module of the new classic 50's if they can do it, but chances are they can't. Do get something custom built to fit that amp will cost more than buying a mass produced Classic 50.
Contated a local amp Dr. - the quote is hundreds less that a newer classic 50 would run me here in Australia.
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