For some reason I play better standing than I do sitting.


How about you guys?
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God, you make a 5-year-old seem like master Yoda, as far as patience goes.
depends on my mood...sometimes im better sitting, someitmes i better standing...its weird
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The only thing that really affects playing is headbanging, which I'm currently working on. I most prefer playin while standing/walking. What can I say, I'm a performer .
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I deffinatly play better sitting... dont really practice much standing...

same here

and what knee do you rest the guitar on? I find when i put it on my right knee, I end up resting my left elbow on my left knee and when I stand up there's no support and I suck so I've been trying to play with the guitar resting on my left knee recently.
Hmm. I play best laying on the floor playing or leaning against something, I do that quite a lot. Standing normally is pretty boring but is harder playing than sitting down.
I generally play my best sitting. Although I try to practice standing up, so I am better for a show.
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I actually like both i seem to play just as good in both positions i like to play sitting down when im playing finger picking stuff but other than that sitting or standing it doesnt matter if im tired or being lazy im sitting or if im trying to learn something i sit so i can read and concentrate or stand because its cool
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Like that dude up there. Some days i can paly sitting better some days i can play standing better. Weird eh>?
A small bodied V is a bitch to play, standing its ok but a bit cramped, sitting is a complete horro with the amp, leg pain, and standing with no lead or strap is quite fun to try :p
When you play sitting down, try your left knee. In the classical position makes it much easier to play standing up
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God, you make a 5-year-old seem like master Yoda, as far as patience goes.
standing. if you ever get to a gig and play standing when you're used to sitting, you're in serious trouble.
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I can play just as good standing as sitting, if you suck while standing raise your strap
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^or practice more and get better posture
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Position doesn't affect me at all, so its pretty much just what is comfortable
I can't really use my pinky while I'm standing without holding my hand and/or guitar incredibly uncomfortably. It's getting better, but when I'm learning I sit.