Can anyone here play this song on an acoustic guitar? I'm having problems with it, not the speed but the fact that my hand is so spread out and I have to put enough pressure on the strings.
I just want to make sure this is actually possible as I can play about half of the song before my hand hurts from stretching it.
red hot chili pepers have a lot of hand stretching on their new album, its just a matter of getting used to it. As soon as it starts hurting, stop though. you dont want to do any damage
It's way too fast for me. But I've been playing for only 8-9 months.

If it hurts, STOP!
No pain no gain. He has long fingers and has always presented some tough stretchs (like his Hendrix root-thumb chords which are almost physically impossible for me). Just keep practicing and it will come. It took me forever to be about to play the Nature Intro to tripping billies by DMB. Hell of a stretch. One day it just worked. Even if you've been playing a while and have a good stretch it's not the same. He's doing a Hendrex-esque technique of branching off chords to play a little lead, ala Under the Bridge etc, even though hes using an arpeggio. Because of this your hand has to position for the chord and go off and do a little hammer on or something, it presents a different challenge. It's really not that tough of song, it just takes a little patience, but once you crack it you'll be fine.

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The song seems pretty standard to me...

What are these stretches that you are having trouble with?
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just work on it. My problem with that song on acoustic is that the hammer-ons and pull-offs are very quiet due to not being picked. I gotta work on that part. As for the chord shapes, just keep stretching, you'll eventually get used to it. I did, when I started doing these odd, thumb-rooted chords, such as the chord used in the opening to Jimi Hendrix's Castles Made of sand. Just gotta work on it.

I'm having the same problem, it's the hammer ons and pulloffs that hurt, not the chord shapes. That's when my hand gets stretched.
Can you play it on electric yet? If not practise on electric first because they generally have lower action which makes this sorta thing easier. Other than that, the advise is, unfortunately, PRACTISE.
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You know on the record he plays it on an electric.

What stretches????????
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You know on the record he plays it on an electric.

What stretches????????

That's what I'm wondering!
My God, it's full of stars!
Im going to see them in concert tonight, so ill try to see how he's doing it ;-)

EDIT: he uses his thumb alot and just plants his thumb and index and lets his other fingers find the notes, dont know if that helps? Really Great COncert BTW
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