I'm starting to fix-up my squier by putting some Seymor Duncans in it and I was wondering if I should put new pots and switches in as well?
umm...change the switch maybe (my squier needs a better one at least) and the pots should be ok

now for a mini rant...
WTF is wrong with squiers? they are generally made of a good tonewood (mines alder i beleive) the bridge on mine hasnt failed me yet in almost a year. yeah, ill admit squiers need better pups and a better quality switch, but squiers are GOOD guitars. and i would much rather screw up a $200 squier than a $600+ fender or gibson
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If you replace the electronics on a Squier, it sounds almost exactly like a Fender of the same wood. They are cheap because the electronics are done poorly, the pickups kind of suck, and QC isn't top priority. As long as the neck isn't screwed up, you'll have a very good guitar in the end, for a lot less than what Fender wants.
bt uhm... regarding the shape and dimensions...

what do fenders have that squier doesnt?

lets just say both are hardtails... and nevermind the pickups.
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i have a squier as well.. and i'd have to agree its jst so bang for bucks~
and yeah the pickups suksors.... and i wont mind a better bridge as well

on the side note i insulated the pick guard yesterday morning.. n now the sound is a LOT better with no random noise when on high gain now!! so yea.. maybe u can do this as well
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