well ive been messin around with the guitar for about....3-4 months, i picked up the tab method of learning very quickly, so i kno how to play a few intros and middle parts well, but i havnt taken any lessons, and i dont kno squat about the guitar...i kno the parts and some tricks and what not, but i need to learn the notes and things like "E Minor" and "E Major" and everythign else, cause i dont really now crap about that lol..so around this time any help with the guitar would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has any advice on where i should start and wat would help me the most please post. i really want to further my skill and knowledge of the guitar because ive been stuck in the same area of skill and knowledge for some time..AND IT SUCKS
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You need to pick up some sort of beginner guitar book that explains actual music. Something that is going to teach you the notes on the staff. Also, you might look into studying some music theory. Most of those books I described have lots of theory in them, but they don't really explain it. You can get lost sometimes. This should help you a lot!
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I agree with beginner books.
Or start taking guitar lessons, thats probably the best thing to do.
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Cyberfret.com Helped me a ton when I first started out. It shows you everything from Basic Chords and Basic Scales to Music Theory and Composition. Good stuff. I urge you to check it out.
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