I notice that whenever i play something infront of people i dont normally play in front of, or when i'm uncomfortable with my ablity in general, my hands tend to shake uncontrollably to where i can barely play something without missing tons of notes, or just sloppy.

Is there anything i can do to help this? I've never played any sort of gig, mainly because I'm starting out now. I just cant imagine what i would do playing infront of a bunch of people.
just relax. for your 1st couple gigs, look at the neck and focus on what your play. thats wut i did. now i get down on my knees and slol- and people like it- and i play it well to.
just think of something that wil take your mind off it or just think of all the people with the faces of people your used to playing in front of idk somtimes you just have to get used to it. everyone is kinda nervous when they play in front of people for the first time
you just have to build your confidence up more. Start by playing in front of a group of friends, and the better you know your songs the less nervous you'll be. Eventually you will get used to playing in front of people. Just remember that most people know nothing about guitar so if you do a halfway descent job it will sound good, its not like your playing in front of a bunch of guitar players.
yeah my first tiem in front of people was three hundred by myself and that was a big one. You will eventualyl become more confident with your guitar and you won't worry as much. It becomes amazingly natural.
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I play bass in a band (I know guitar is a bit trickier) and I got extremely nervous before and on the day of my first gig,and yes,I screwed up a lot in that show,but I've never been that nervous before going on stage after that for some reason (I do get butterflies sometimes,but it's more from excitement)...I think,and I don't know if it's just me,that you just need that first gig to get past the fear of performing in front of people and after that you should be fine...
Another strange thing is that I get more nervous when there aren't a lot of people than when the place is packed (you get "lost in the crowd" if you know what I mean).

So what I'm saying is that your first gig/live performance might be bad due to nerves,but after that you should be fine...

Good luck!
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Yeah my first gig, i was so nervous but the feeling you get. The rollercoaster effect i say, wil feel so much better. You know they're out there for you. Not for anythign else. they're focused on you. and you feel alot better. I'd rather be nervous before a gig then not at all. My knee was shaking, the entire song was down-picking because of the way it was constructed there was no other way. I hit the pickup selector. But you look at those moments and never give up performing. It's the prize of being a musician.
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Just play in front of people as much as you can and you'll get used to it.

Start at small coffee shops and work your way up. There's plenty of places that have open min nights and stuff. Play two or three cover songs on an acoustic and you're done. Easy as that. That's what I did and I've played in front of over 1,000 people twice. Both times I was excited, not nervous.
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Mortality is your reason.

Play in front of more people and mentally don't make it a big thing - you're playing for yourself and they're just listening.
1. You're just practicing very loudly, and, to quote Sir Edwin CBE, think of it as "playing for yourself and they're just listening".
2. No one will notice if you screw up unless you make it noticable that you screwed up. If you do make a noticable mistake, build off of it and play it off as improvisation.
3. You're in a band. You're not the only one up there, you're in it as a group.
I get that with sports but not guitar (or drums). Just try to make yourself comfortable and try to replicate how you would be if you were just practicing at home.
have a few drinks lol, that always gets me relaxed enough to not give a sh!t if i screw up and just go at it. You play so much better when you don't care about messing up. Just go out there and have fun. If you are underage and can't drink......then umm you're s.o.l. lol bc my 1st time to play on stage alone was when i was 22. I was nervous, mostly excited, but I had a blast
it happens when you first start. i remember my first gig was a solo acoustic show, opening for my friends sonni and abbey, at a katrina or tsunami bennefit (cant remember lol). i was 3rd of 4 acts to play (sonni and abbey played after me), there were around 500 people, caberet setting, little stage lighting so i could see every face. i was nervous as ****. but what you need to do, is make a joke of your nervousness, and just play with it. you will gain confidence as you go on, but until then, just go with the flow. if your nervous, dont pretend your not, cause that will only make you look bad. just smile, enjoy it.
Man, here's my thing: you're up there.... they're down there. They came to see you and every woman there is watching you. So is her hot friend with the skirt. I'm telling you, just have that mentality of "I'm about to rock the sh!t out of these people, and they will get what they paid for PLUS some." lol... alright good luck, dude.
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Most of my nerves come from anxiety about not practicing enough. Don't simply practice until you get it right, do it until you can not possibly get it wrong.

The art of showmanship is a completely new element that you need to incorporate into your shows, and if you don't have the music part down, you're not going to be able to think about putting on a show at all.
Something that helped me when I went up on stage for the first time was that most the people you're playing for probably don't play instruments. To the casual listener they will never know if you screw up.
Quote by Me2NiK
2. No one will notice if you screw up unless you make it noticable that you screwed up. If you do make a noticable mistake, build off of it and play it off as improvisation.
3. You're in a band. You're not the only one up there, you're in it as a group.

(Disclaimer: I took the comment in #2 as a full on improvisation changing the part noticibly. If that's not the way you meant it sorry, but this is good advice anyway.)

#2 No! If you make a mistake jump back in with the group in time and playing the same part as the group. Make sure you don't try to start your part over or do anything else, this will just make you look like an inexperienced player and just totally screw up the song for the rest of the band. The fact is that most (not all) people that come to the bandleading forum to ask questions are probably not playing in a jam band like Phish or The Dead. Even if you are, you aren't going to be very good at doing improv that totally changes the arrangement of the song. With that said, sure you can change a few notes and "improvise" if you mess up, just don't change the whole part, don't start over by yourself, just come back in with the band. You and your band mates will thank you.

#3 Look above. You are in a band, not by yourself. If you are playing by yourself the above advice is not for you, except that you will still sound better by just ignoring your mistake and continuing playing, just like you would have without the mistake, but you have a bit more freedom with improv, because only you are up on stage. We all know that we are the best candidates to listen to the voices in our head.
this same thing happened to me when i started playing gigs, i got around it by playing really small gigs, and it all eventually stops about 4 small gigs later, then it doesnt really how many people i play to, you just have to suck it up them 1st few gigs
suck it up, it gets easier with time. ive been on stage playing with my school band only a hand full of times and im trying now to get my own band off the ground. this was my last year of high school and i had one performance around x mas... and i had a solo. i f***ed it up and i beat myself up until my next solo at the spring concert. i got that one perfect and even got a small cheer from the crowd (small, bc the song wasnt over yet, but hey i was loved). you win some and you lose some. im gonna be playing rock music, that stuff was classical. so trust me, i am not over confident. it will be very different next time. but hey, just have some confidence. you'll be fine