I want to go get an overdrive pedal but i don't know which one. Given the reputation and hype with ibanez, I chose to consider a TS 9 or TS 808. I play a Gibson les paul classic through a Orange Rocker 30. I am mostly looking for an overdrive that will sound good with rythm sections that will also give me a push if I need one. I tend to not like trebly sounds either, I dont know why. Any help would be good and thanks in advance. Oh ya, and I dont play metal or "shred".
I say you need a 808 the 9 just seems better for metal at least it does to me.

though i dont suggest an ibanez i suggest a MAxon they are the company that used to make ibanez pedals but left and started there own company much better pedals true bypass and everything. look into them kinda pricey but worth it
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I own a TS9. I Love it. I havn't played a TS808 though. I also have a Gibson LP, and play through a Fender Pro185 amp. I have no problems with it, Smooth, clean leads and still get a crunchy metaly sound. I sometimes use it just to get a boost, by turning the leads and level up and leaving the distortion down. I highly recommend it. I've heard a TS808 though, and I don't see any type of tone it can get that mine can't.

(PS, Listen to anything by Trey Anastasio or Phish, he uses a semi-hollow guitar, and 2 Ibanez TS9's while soloing. Thats the kinda leads it gets. By phish, listen to Stash, The solo to Farmhouse, and Run Like an Antelope. All of it is with the same gear and guitar.)
Thanks so far. I'll check those out. I have heard about maxons, but no one atocks them around here.
i find 808s to be smoother while 9s have higher fidelity

take your pick

or just try em out
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you can order them off ebay or off a the online dealer
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