ok so i just bought a 12 string acoustic, and i need to know what the tuning is for a 12 string. thnx
just standard tuning in octaves
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Like this... Caps are bass and lower case are octaves. From your high e down...

yeah its standard, just doubled up. instead of it being EADGBe it would be


unless of course you use a different tuning.
^ the high e's and b's are just doubled... not octaves.
Look at how I did my post. I think its a bit easier to understand... no offence inteneded.
Lets start by numbering the strings of a normal guitar.

1 - E4
2 - B3
3 - G3
4 - D3
5 - A2
6 - E2

On a 12-string, each of these strings is accompanied by a second one that may be thinner or exactly the same as a regular guitar string. We'll call these 1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, 5a, and 6a.

1 - E4
1a - E4
2 - B3
2a - B3
3 - G3
3a - G4 (an octave -- 12th fret -- above the 3rd string)
4 - D3
4a - D4 (an octave -- 12th fret -- above the 4th string)
5 - A2
5a - A3 (an octave -- 12th fret -- above the 5th string)
6 - E2
6a - E3 (an octave -- 12th fret -- above the sixth string.

Alternatively, you can tune all of the strings a tone down and place a capo on the second fret; this is done to relive the extreme neck tension and prolong the guitar's life.
All of the above is absolutely correct....but be aware that it is not a bad idea to have it tuned a half step lower to reduce the tension on the neck caused by extra strings. Want to play in standard? Just throw a capo on the first fret.

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