ok im a dumbass...my guitar broke...the head broke off of the neck...now i got a new guitar but id still like to fix my old one if possible. its a epi lp standard so i cant get a new neck i think but the guys at guitar center said tat they would fix it for around 200...so wat do u think would it affect my sound alot nd would if i got it fixed is there like a much more risk of it breaking? thanks in advance
Im pretty sure they sell products for this kind of job. Check project-guitar.com or stewmac.
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well i got an MG
Can't you buy a whole new Epi Lp for around £200 anyway?
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Will_Gum knows what he's talking about

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Is this the kinda thread like the one that Will_Gum made about eating his baby brother or something? Because it's not as good..
find some small shops and have them qoute it, guitar center always seems to be high priced. and small shops tend to have some good techs there too, as least in S.F