My brother and I play guitar and bass. Were pretty good individually but when we play together we have trouble most of the time. Were relative begginers but we enjoy playing. We would appreciate any advice on songs that are pretty easy and could get us in sync with each other. Classic rock would be prefered. We'd be grateful to any help given.
Metronome would help, and the song Walk by Pantera is simple
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Sunshine Of Your Love or some Radiohead.
...Up to the battlefield to where the spirits walk...
any Green Day Song!!!!

and if you can alt pick do Hypnotize By System of a down!
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Rockin' in the Free World by Neil Young. The first song I ever learned to play with a band. Very easy stuff.
try some blues stuff SRV but thatll be kinda hard for a beginer so get a bass line then just play your little heart out haha
Just jam, man. Do an A minor pentatonic thing until you get a feel for each other's rhythms, and THEN go for real songs.

I recommend Crazy Train.
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paranoid-black sabbath
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Quote by Callum162
sum ACDC e.g TNT thts quite easy

also black in black, and highway to hell. easy and good songs