Ok guys i am totaly new to guitar world. I bought an Excel guitar about 3 days ago. I have 2 books, guitar for dummies and accustic guitar book. I just want to know a couple of things, how do you swtich cords fast and good, also how do you swtch quick even the strings. for example 3rd string from 3rd fret to 1st. also what are some good song to start learning from like you did way ago? Like for WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY beginers. and also some good tips and tricks for a noob like me lol. ttyl alls. cya
For a lot of chords (ie powerchords) you can keep your left hand in a certain shape and just move that along the fretboard. As you keep playing your speed will continue to build. Just make sure for full chords that when you switch, practice switching all your fingers at once (ie don't figure out which finger goes on which string individually, get your hands to recognize the chord shape, this is called "chord memory"). For individual notes on individual strings, try to use one finger per fret at first, for example, using your first (index) finger on the first fret, second (middle) on second, and so on. This way all your fingers will get stronger together, and you'll be able to switch notes a lot faster than moving along the fretboard with one finger.

For beginning songs, try "Come as you are", the bass intro, by Nirvana, just to get the basic feeling down. Also, "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes is another popular beginner song. For beginner chord songs, try "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan. Just strum the G and D (I think those are the first 2 chords) twice, and then the third (the C or Am chord) four times. When you feel good enough to combine individual notes and chording, try "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd.
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If you've just started and want to know how to be good the only way is practice, it IS the only way - repetition...

Don't make yourself go fast, go at your own pace, the speed comes after time, just stay dedicated and do things how they're meant to be done.

Songs I'd reccommend are hmmm, probably you're pop-punk, simple stuff, look at Greenday, Good Charlotte whatever, just learn something you can play.
One piece of advice is don't learn what you want to learn and that's it, as a guitarist you must branch your skills, and style.

So bottom line dude, many say it and I'll say it again;
Practice. It's the hours and hours, days, and weeks that'll take an affect on your playing - it's up to you how much you practice however. Disciplin is a key factor.
I learned moving from chord to chord by repetition. Make D chord as fast as possible, make G as fast as possible, repeat. I didn't even bother strumming, I just focused on making the chord quickly.
The only thing we could possible mention is to practice. There are no shortcuts to learning an instrument. At all. Ever.

I think you know that all you have to do is practice...
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i do practise but its hard, bc my left hand gets tired like after 10 min, what good exrsise technics are there. thanks
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The only thing we could possibly mention is to practice. There are no shortcuts to learning an instrument. At all. Ever.

I think you know that all you have to do is practice...

No truer words have been spoken.
The key is practice.... learning an instrument is all about the time on task. The more time (generally) = improvement.

You will get there. Don't burn out but keep at it.

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in regards to speed, accuracy is best

start slow, so slow the song isn't recognizeable if necessary, then gradually build up when you hit every note

no matter how badly you wanna play a song take it slow
but i cant think of popular songs and that easy to learn like from green day blink 182, fall out boy, chilli pepers, etc i hope u can help me. thanks
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easy songs that dont use chords at all are better to learn if your a begginner

things that teach you how to change strings and use your fingers

i cant think of any right now ........sorry
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most blink, greenday, and fall out boy songs are easy

it doesnt get much easier then them, you just need to practice, its not gonna sound good at first
Easy songs:
-Hurt--Jophnny Cash; only a handful of chords, it'll help you learn to swtich easily and quickly.
-Is There Anybody Out There?--Pink Floyd; not as easy to move around the fretboard, but you'll stretch your fingers A LOT with this one, trust me, it's great.
-Horse With No Name--America; if you do it very basic, it's only two chords (Am and D I think), and a simple strumming pattern, good for learning strumming.
-Working Man's Hero--Lennon; I learned this from a cover by Ozzy, another simple two chord song (until the chorus, which adds another two I think), also good for learning/playing with hammer-ons.
--Goodbye Blue Sky--Pink Floyd; not really easy, strat slow with it, but if you jkeep at it you'll love it. Good for learning to play a melody all over the fretboard, and moving from different phrases quickly.

All of these songs are simple enough that a beginner can start with them, even if it takes a while for you to get good with it. (I've been learning the Pink Floyd since I first picked up a guitar two months ago, and still don't quite have it down). Just keep at it...oh, and learning some theory is always good...
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