hey man this is pretty good stuff. what scales did you use by chance? i especially like the phrase at about 1:45
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Im Guessing he used pentatonic but that was good, really good how long you been playin? (just curios)
Pretty good.
It says on the page that she has been playing for four years. Wait, you are a chick right?
hahaha yes she is a chick, and my sister, muhaha. Theres some good playin in there but I think yer phrasing could have been more melodic. It didn't quite "speak" to me, i feel you could have said more with fewer notes. Slow down, focus on dynamics. For example, I didn't think the alternate picked triplet licks or alot of the faster stuff was neccessary, it felt as if you were just playing it because you could, not because it added value to your solo. Try not to play anything you can't hear in your head first! and Listen to Jerry!