My friend and I just started a band called Cold Salmon. He plays wicked tenor saxophone, coming from a jazz background, but he listens almost exclusively to rock music. He can improvise to nearly anything; he once improvised to a cell phone ring tone.

I play the rhythm guitar backing and can play a little keyboard. I'm just reaching the novice stage of both.

So, any ideas for some jam songs, feel good songs, rockin songs, any songs?
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Tom Waits is a MUST for guitar with sax. Check out tracks from Closing Time and The Heart of Saturday Night.
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Any 80's hit will have a sax solo in it! Actually if you did Careless Whisper by George Michael it would go over well. That has one of the best sax lines of all time.
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Us and Them by Pink Floyd, perhaps? There's also a sax solo on Money, and probably a couple others that I'm forgetting.
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