This was a test I did with my digital 4-track, PXR4. I loved the sound of it on there but when mixed to the computer it picked some clipping. It still sounds okay and I really like it (ESPECIALLY THE ENDING).

So please rate it.

NOTE: Two things that are bad on here are:

1. Muffled vocals- Me singing the same line "This is the story of my life, it's really not that great"

2. Clipping- Slight clipping. Do not listen to loud.



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umm wheres the link to your song dude? lol
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As I go....vocals are WAY too low. Can't hardly hear anything, even though its muffled, up the volume. As for the clipping I'm not listening loud and its still there. The muted stumming isn't bad. I'm gonna have to disagree with you and the quasi-solo at the end sound like ass. Just doesn't go with the song. Put a decent solo in there and get some vocals that we can hear. The chord progression sound pretty repetitive when you can't hear the vocals. Not too bad, but not too great.

mine - http://www.gotpix.com/forum/posts.php?catID=6&threadID=373&page=1#Bottom
Thanks man. I still do not know exactly how to make a good solo so I just messed around with the penatonic.
I mixed the song way too low you'll have to listen to it pretty high. Sorry about the clipping