about four threads above you if you would have looked. it's a sticky that has a large about of blues artists to take from.
bends pentatonics and the like.

and it's vaughan with an a
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muddy waters, robert johnson, albert king, freddie king

u gotta learn ur 3 chord-progressions and pentatonic scales and basic keys
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start off with the basic 12 and 16 bar blues progressions and I-IV-V progressions. then learn the pentatonic (and others) scales and work on bending. also movable 7th and 9th chords (maybe slide later if your into that kinda thing)
Check out John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton. Some of the most amazing guitar playing is on that album. Also check out early Buddy Guy (A Man and the Blues, and/or his Chess recordings (A Man and the Blues was on Vanguard))

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