Well, for my first post in the Ultimate-Guitar forums, I've decided to post a bit of my work for critique. Hello world!

Anywho, this piece is a pretty simple one, I guess. I don't even know how to stab at it with the genre-fork so I'll just leave that open. Haven't named it yet either. It might get a bit repetitive since lyrics should be sung over it but I'm still working on that part.

I'm still not a very experienced guitarist yet so the solos and little bits and pieces pretty much stick to the box format. I don't know what I'm doing with the bassline and the drum fills are pretty simple and not as varied.

I'll lay myself to the mercy of the people now. Enjoy!
wow that was good
it had a nice beat to it throughout and the solo fit the song well

good job
Police were called to a daycare where a three-year-old was resisting a rest.
awesome. It was really good. But, bar 44 could have had a sweet arpeggio sweep like...-

Gtr 1
G|---Quarter Rest----7---------------------------7--------------

yeah i can't exactly play ^that^ that well, you can just make up your own i guess. The first 7 notes are septuplets and the last 3 are triplets.
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Actually screw that. But if you want to you can.
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I thought it was pretty solid work, in the sense that everything sounded good and fit together nicely. However, there's nothing really unique about the song that makes it stand out. But obviously you can't be expected to accomplish that on your first try, so keep learning and practicing, and keep up the good work.