I wrote this song really fast, the lyrics just kind of popped into my head so if it sucks feel free to tell me

Her Condition has gone from bad to worse
She Doesn't feel anything
She wants so badly for something to hurt
So she tears up her wrist with a rusty blade
She goes deeper and deeper
Can She be saved?
Her emotional baggage has become physical pain
But she must keep cutting to keep her sane

The blade in her hand and the tears in her eyes
She can't stop this mutilation no matter how hard she tries
Because the gash makes her feel real and alive
She feels the pain so she knows she's not completely dead inside

But don't look now, she's cut too deep
She watches her wrist, watches it bleed
She lost her color and she's lost a pulse
She dies by the thing she relied on the most.....

yeah I can't think of anything to come after that, inputs welcome if you have an idea for a next line or something