Hey all. I've been playing guitar for about 2 years now, and i can tell im progressing. However, somthing im having a hard time at is increasing my picking speed on my electric. I usually play sitting down, and i have a feeling it has somthing to do with my hand and body position. When im playing, it feels like i cant get across the string fast enough. For example, if you get the powertab for final fantasy VII boss battle, i cant pick fast enough too keep up with the tempo of the song, even though i know all the finger positions. Can anybody point me to a good resource for where i can check my positions and everything so i can start playing faster.
just go on youtube and check out a few people like paul guilbert he makes an excelent template for "correct technique" except i dont like the way he's not in classical position alot of the time still very good all around technique though

Edit: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ubK_jr0uhdI check this one out
Do the following:
Play the minor penatonic scale to a metronome at a speed in which you play cleanly and with good technique. moderately raise the speed every few days, I promise results.
play at half speed simply doing chromatics "Up Picking" only.... Slowly increase the metronome, but make sure that you are only UP PICKING (picking towards your face rather then to the ground) do this also with down picking but at faster speeds. Play lots of riffs and stuff by only up picking aswell... It helps your picking speed soo much.... Trust me, ive been there done that