Wat r ur views on the peavey rage 158 amp? I think its pretty good with cleans but sounds muddy with the overdrive on. Its pretty loud too. Plz post wat u think about it.
It's my current amp. It sucks on it's own, but I use effects on the clean channel and it's ok, I guess.
The peavey 158 is basically an 108 with reverb. I have the 108.

Lately, I've only been usig its preamp-out to plug into other equipment.

The clean channel sounds good, but the distortion has too much fuzz for my liking. It's only somewhat good for metal/hard rock/more "agressive" kinds of music. So if you want to play blues or classic rock or anything like that, you'll need separate effects.

Otherwise, it's an excellent practice amp, very sturdy, haven't had any problems with it so far.
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I think it's a complete POS. The cleans are sterile and the overdrive is muddy, buzzy and just plain horrible.
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It's not really different from the Blazer 158 (which was my first amp and was a complete piece of ****). You can do much better for the same money. Try a Roland Microcube, Vox Pathfinder (hell, even the Marshall MG10CD is a better sounding amp than the Rage 158), something along those lines.
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