Just a little tune, having fun at the expense of the little kids that act like life sucks..and especially the ones that complain about stuff theyre ignorant to. thanks in advance for any comments.

got my henna tattoos and my chuck taylor shoes
got a black sharpie anarchy on my trapper keeper
domestic terrorism looks like fun, but i aint got no gun
I hang with Tim McVeigh, but they call me a sleeper

growing up mama and daddy, they never listened
so here i sit in my room, practicing lookin' pensive
play my dashboard and cry into the wall mirror
hope that one day what girls want will be clear

its hard for a suburbanite these days
when the tears make my mascara run
id slit my wrist if i could stand the pain
shoot myself if i wasnt scared of guns

me and billy jo, with our little grenade hearts
we roam these halls quoting lennon and marx
talk bad about mccarthy and all his evil deeds
was that under reagan, or was that the 50's?

repeat chorus..
Wow, that was excellent, like everything I ever wanted to say but couldn't.

we roam these halls quoting lennon and marx
talk bad about mccarthy and all his evil deeds
was that under reagan, or was that the 50's?

Although with these three lines... in my opinion, they would be better if you added just one little word:

we roam these halls quoting lennon and marx
talk bad about mccarthy and all his evil deeds
was that all under reagan, or was that the 50's?

To me, that shows more arrogance and less knowledge on their parts.

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Ok, so was it meant to be sarcastic? It made me smile. The Billy Jo thing, was a Green Day reference? Brilliant. Except (how I know this, I don't know.) it's spelled Bille Joe.

But don't be making fun of Chucks. I love them.

this was great.

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I liked it for the most part, you said a lot of the same things I say on a regular basis. The BJ reference was ok... I'm not big on it just because Green Day and the ramones are the reasons I love punk today, but I do agree that Billie is a joke nowadays. Either way, overall I liked it, it was cool...
thanks everyone. i really apreciate it.

a few things for clearification...i wasnt making fun of the chucks, so much as that guy. you know, that guy that wears them...because hes 'supposed' to. you know?

well, i despise billie jo, but the reference wasnt as much about him as it was about the kid that knows nothing about politics or the war, but they run off at the mouth about it, just repeating what they heard at a green day show.

thanks again everyone.
love the concept
all of them think they are being so unique which might have been so until punk turned into a marketing term, now they are all just suckers
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Classic stuff. You tellin' it like it IS! I also have to say that this seems to be social commentary done right. 'Domestic terrorism looks fun, but I aint got no gun" is just a wicked line. BTW, are you referring to lenin the communist or John Lennon from the beatles (or John Lemmon from UG)?

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I love that! Haha it's awesome.
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well, i was referring to lennin the communist, with the spelling of lennon the beatle. the reason being...i knew this guy in high school that thought it was all the same guy. hes pretty much the muse for the whole thing...that douche bag. thanks, ill hit yours up in a minute
yeah its pretty cool, man, i like green day, but i have no problem with it, i like this song man, good job

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I like this song, have you ever heard "Rockin' the Suburbs" by Ben Folds, it was a very similar idea as that.