What?s it gonna be like
When I call you out of nowhere?
What?s it gonna be babe
When you?re saying all your prayers?

How ya gonna feel babe
When all the money has run out?
How ya gonna feel me
When there?s nothing you ain?t lied ?bout?

Are ya gonna come back
To me, thinking I?ll be in wait?
Are ya gonna be sad
When you a-realize it?s too late?


...inspired by bob dylan's songwriting in "don't think twice, it's alright"
...part of the story is missing, between the 1st and 2nd verse, there should be something about the girl being called acting as if she had already moved on but i dont think it's all that important
...now i need to work on a simple guitar riff to back it up

crit please
i like it. simple. it kind of makes me think of "nashville skyline" some of that stuff sounded like this. good job. im a country fan and writer at heart, so simple but heart felt is near and dear to me. good job.

could you look at "its hard for a suburbanite" for me? thanks!