I played a squier strat and a US strat today.

I got to say it was a lot nicer to play on than my ibanez, it seemed to be lighter and more moulded to my body. its seemed smoother. it definitely didnt feel as suited to metal but i couldnt believe the bends i could do on it.

I just wish they came in a more modern shape/style.

However im seriouslly thinking of getting a strat and selling the 450. Now i only played unplugged, so is this a bad move?
well i take it the pickups are no good on them? what about the usa strats then?
im not really a shred head, im more of a classic rock and blues person and hoping to learn some jazz. i just loved the look of the rg so went for that cause strats just look so old school. schecter is where the looks are at, just wish i could play one so i could see if the necks are thin enough for me.
Quote by ibanez4life SZ!
Try it plugged in...if you're a metalhead, a strat isn't gonna do it for you....

Thats not what Iron Maiden thinks.

if need be, a hotrail in the bridge would do just fine for metal.