From your responses, it seems that if I want to record guitar>amp>computer, I need to stick a preamp between my amp>computer, or maybe (with something like a Line 6 product), just go guitar>preamp>computer.

So can anyone suggest any good products for recording like this? Thanks
what is it exactly that you want to do. Do you want to mic your amp, and then record that, or are you trying to run your guitar thru a modelor or something directly into the PC? Units like th Line6 toneport, guitarport, M-audio black box are interfaces that you plug your guitar directly into, and it simulates amp models and fx for recording. You should use a mice preamp or mixer if you are trying to record your amp with a good microphone, like an sm57. I've heard people go directly in, but it's not the same quality.
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All I want to do is get a recording of myself playing guitar onto the computer, so I can mix it with other tracks I make. If it's easier to put a mic in front of my amp, then I need to know what kind of equipment is needed there. If I can just go directly through cables, then I need to know what that setup is like, too.
well you can just get a mic, open your recording software (with your mic plugged into the back of the comp, in the mic socket), and press record, then play. But you might wanna mix it and/ or change the tone, which is where mixers and line 6 products come in...
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