Yes, another Strokes cover.

I have one more planned to do, but if you guys are sick of Strokes covers i won't bother to upload it.

On this one i tried vocals a bit differently, i tried singing at my own tone and such, as suggested in my last thread. (Thanks guys)

You can tell which errors are human and which are my recording program. I kept forgetting the lyrics and to change chords. Not my top day. eh. I could care less about the guitar, some comments on singing would be nice.

It wasn't bad...to be honest I would have preferred it if you kept the catchy riff in it, but fair play to you for making it your own. The vocals were decent, you sang the wrong melody in most places, I dont know if it was intentional but it still sounded ok. You kept changing the strumming pattern of the guitar, which made it hard to get into the beat.

EDIT:Oops, sorry, you said about the changing melody thing already.
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Your vocal melody was completely off with the chords, unfortunately.. You were more in your vocal range, which sounded nice, but you should have just capoed or whatever so you could stick with the original melody. Guitar was fine though.