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Yeah, myself and a few friends just started a band, and we're doing pretty good, we all have music backgrounds except for the bassist, but I'm teaching him the basics. We found a vocalist, he's our bassists sisters friend, though he knows us quite well. He's a great singer, but he's also a very shy, unspoken guy. It's not that he's shy around us or anything, but he's shy when he sings (you know, sings low and without much confidence) He's a great singer so he should have alot of confidence. So..anyone have any tips or past experiences which I could pass onto our vocalist to help him get over this problem? Thanks in advance.
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you guys do some bold stuff first, the more u guys expose the more he will. guitarists and junk its hard to see if when they're wearing their emotions on their sleeves, so just... make him more comfortable. kinda get waht i mean?
getting to shows
and putting him out there is going to get him confidence
he will be shy the first few gigs but after a while he will get confident
its all about getttin used to it and many soft spoken vocalist make very deep lyrics so you may have real talent.
have someone do backup vocals with him, that might reduce the pressure on him. also, try doing a lot of stuff together, particularly crazy stuff like going over to random people and talking to them for no reason.
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dude i think he might be a really good singer, just make sure you make him put it all out there. tell him to look at any rock star and ask himself if they would have gotten where they ended up if they gave a **** what anyone else was thinking. tell him not to ****ing care, just go out there and be a god damn rock star (obsenities intended). anyway, it might take some time, just make sure he knows, he's the front man and he'd better damn well put on a show for the people.
Thanks guys. We'll see at our first practice, hopefully he'll open up a bit more, and once he hears how good he is, he wont hold back his talent so much. I agree too, a gig or two would definitly give him the confidence he needs, and I'm sure we all can help if we encourage, applaud and compliment him.
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Well this made my day, thank you, TS.

You may now have your way with my daughter and own all the riches in my kingdom.
Play in front of groups, any type of exposure to strangers ( like the conversations mentioned earlier ) would help too. Maybe get him to practice topless so that he gets more comfortable when he is more physically open to others ( vulnerable ). That could help.
why don't you sing first? go crazy, sing with confidence, show him how it should be done, that'll get him to be a bit more comfortable with it
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When my "band" played a show I sang with him even though I sucked so much ass, but me singing a bit with him A LOT.
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actually i wouldn't recommend getting him in front of people till after he opens up a little, the reason being, if he is too shy to sing in front of ya'll he'll prolly be too shy to sing in front of a crowd, if he's not going to sing in front of a crowd you may not get the great response you're looking for to give him the confidence he'd need to sing in front of a larger crowd (not that you'd get booed of the stage just that you prolly won't get thunderous applause) i don't know how old ya'll are but get him a drink or 2, not smashed drunk, just something to loosen him up, cuz the whole ideal behind it is what someone mentioned earlier, he just has to not care what others think and belt it out

We'll I'm 16, the two other band mates are 17, and he's just turned 15, but a drink or two wouldn't kill him..though I wouldn't want to get into trouble by giving him anything to drink.

So update, we asked him to sing a few songs for us today, just two other people, and he did it. He sang them great, but you could tell in his voice that he was pretty nervous. I have a feeling once he sings with us for a few times he'll loosen up, and it'll all be good from there.
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You have a serious issue here. What I recommend is to start video taping every practice. Most people who are very shy are also camera shy. If he feels like there are eyes or a camera on him all the time, he'll open up faster. Do it everypractice for a month and see what happens.
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keep giving him compliments and letting him know what a good singer he is. also possibly record him so he can hear how he sounds.
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is he comfortable with singing around you guys?

like i used to be really scared of singing in front of my bandmates but once i got over that i could sing in front of everyone
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Have a long jam session. As in one song or progression for a long time, let him sing. As the progression goes on he will grow in confidence. Also letting him enjoy singing in rehersals will enable him to enjoy singing live.
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if he seems nervous on stage try stepping forward and throwing out a few of the traditional guitarist stances, kinda drawn some attention, plus if everyone is active on the stage the crowd enjoys it more and it always makes me feel like theres a bit more of a connection
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the key is not to give a **** what people think. have him start fights or something to boost his confidence. worked for our band
Motivate him by telling him he sounds like crap. Brutal honesty will push him to get better so no one thinks he sucks. If he doesn't get any better with this, find a new singer...You can be a good band but if your singer goes up there and mumbles, no one will like your music.
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He's the people's champ!

Bring him to a coffee shop's open mic night or something like that and bring your acoustic and do a few covers just the two of you. Trust me, it'll help. And depending on the crowd, people could really like you guys.
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Just jam with him, he'll eventually grow in confidence
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Well update. A few weeks have passed, and I took everyones advise into consideration. We had a super-long jam session last week where we explained the situation with him and tried our best to get him hyped and to open up...with no luck. We recorded us doing two songs, and then got him to sing Weezers Buddy Holly on his own(which might I add he killed horribly) That night we listened to the tapes and decided he wasn't going to cut it. We told him that he was going to re-audition for the band along with a few other people, which he refused and at that point basically quit the band.

Which brings us to a new problem. We're without a vocalist. Being from a town with just under 700 people, vocalists are very hard to come across, especially someone in high school. We took out the yearbook and went through everyone, circling the faces of anyone we knew could sing. In the end of the day, we found two kids. One guy, whom is one of my close friends and refuses to sing for us, and the other...some chick who sings very well, but isn't our style...unless we wanted to sing Ashlee Simpson..though I highly doubt we'll be doing. Heck I KNOW we wont be doing.

So question an amazing vocalist really nessecairy to begin with? I mean, could a band get by with just alright vocals? Since amazing vocals will be impossible, would you guys recomend finding someone who can't sing well, but dosn't hurt your ears trying....or should we get the pop-girl to sing in the band, and see if she can sing our style of music?
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^ No, it's not. Just look at 3 Inches of Blood. Their vocalist is terrible but if it fits in with the music, they will sound great. Same goes for Kurt Cobain.

And I've noticed you're doing pretty simple covers. Why not have one of you sing? It's not that hard really. You'll get more money when it comes to gigs and stuff too
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Alright, thats what we were thinking. It really dosnt matter..and yeah, simple covers to begin with, since I'm the only person in the band with any musical background (our bassist like..just started playing two weeks ago). Hopefully when he gets a little better we can work on a few more intermediate covers. That was always our back-up plan anyway, having one of us sing...though the both of us could probably murder with our terrible voices

Thaks for the advise Mr.Rodgers.....woah I never thought I'd be saying that in my life....
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Well this made my day, thank you, TS.

You may now have your way with my daughter and own all the riches in my kingdom.
Here is what you do. Get him to be someone other than himself. If you are heavy rock or something, dress him in black, Spike his hair, put makeup on him give him a wierd hat. If he is uncomfortable with being himself onstage, he can just be someone else. It is worth a try. I bet it will work too.

Maybe if he is comfortable with his image onstage, he will be able to enjoy his talents.
When you practise as a band do songs he likes and finds easy to sing because the more he enjoys himself the better and more confident he will be. So if you start like that you could get him on a roll and he might progress.
Yeah as said before James Hetfield of Metallica was extremely shy so his bandmates made sure he got a bit drunk.. no wonder he turned up being an alcoholist if this procedure was necesary every friggin performance!
whenever yer singer sings say he absolutely rocks... if anyone say's he's ****, he's gonna take that personally and will become worse.... so the best thing is to make him sing a lot in different situation, and encourage him to just sing when you guys are casually around friends and all and keep saying he rocks and make him believe he rocks... a shy singer is not a good singer... its really important to be confident when you sing, or elz the voice will suffer... trust me, i'm a singer...
Ok I went through this myself. First dont stick him infornt of people till he can at least belt one out in front of you! Thats not going to build confidence!!! Second make sure he is miced for band practice. Singing through a mic is way differnent than singing without one.
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So question an amazing vocalist really nessecairy to begin with? I mean, could a band get by with just alright vocals?


I've always said this, and I'll stand by it forever:

You don't need someone who can sing. You need someone who's in tune, and has confidence. That's all you need. As long as their voice is good enough that people won't think 'God this is way out,' then people won't boo him, and if he's giving it all he's got on stage and being all-out and confident, you'll be fine. If you look at... well, pretty much every rock (i.e. not pop) band out there, their vocalists aren't awesome - but what they are is in tune (good enough) and CONFIDENT.

Which was basically your issue with your first singer

Eg: Justin from the Darkness. Tell me whatever you like, but he's not a great singer. When he sings low, he's just about in tune. When he goes falsetto (which guys you must know is NOT hard) he sounds silly, but he's in tune. But man, he's got BALLS. Because he has the courage to stand up and do that, nobody even hears that his voice isn't perfect.

And there's a bunch of other rock singers I could name who do the same. I could name more like this than who are fantastic singers because of actual singing talent.

You've got to remember (and this goes for the whole band): You're a show, not a CD player. You have to give people something they don't get when they just listen to a CD. Which means onstage madness. Which means confidence.


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give him a lot of encouragement. if you can make it clear to him what a great singer you think he is, hell be far more confident in front of you. when he gets used to singing confidently, hell do that in front of a crowd the same as he would with just the band.

This is good advice.

I think I use to be in the same boat as the vocalist that we're talking about in this thread.

In my last band a few years ago, I was definitely very shy, and didnt really come across with much confidence as a frontman. I didnt think my bandmates had confidence in me, so I didnt have it in myself.

With the band Im in now, they compliment me regularly (as we all do for eachother when we play our instrument well), and not only has my singing improved, but I have 100 times more confidence as a singer and as a frontman.

You gotta watch out for us soft spoken guys. We have demons in our heads.
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