i just started making songs not too long ago but this is the first one that sounded halfway decent... well to me at least...

dont hold back i want your honest opinion on it

EDIT: i made the intro a little more interesting and tacked another solo at the end
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Wow, absolutely loved it. The main riff was really catchy as was the verse riff. I thought it got a bit repetitive but the riff was good enough to keep me listening. The solo fitted in perfectly. The chorus maybe needs some more variety I think, apart from that great work.

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Was really good, I like the sorta metalicca bluesy/metal main riff, its not what id normally listen to but i thought it was pretty foookin good nonetheless.

Also, i agree the solo fit in really well I liked it mucho.

If you could check out my new songs id be really grateful.


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This is pretty good man, not bad considering you've only recently started writing songs.

Good on ya, bro! I gotta upload some more of my songs soon.
This was pretty good, especially for someone who just started writing. As others have said, the main riff was cool and kinda reminded me of Metallica's riffs. The intro was boring to me, but that's just what I think. Also, the solo was decent but it didn't seem to have any feeling, just sounds like a bunch of runs in the Minor Pentatonic scale to me, but it's a good start.

Overall, good job. It's a lot better than the few first songs I've made when I was starting out.
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