so in the Ibanez RG1520g, (http://www.ibanez.com/guitars/guitar.asp?model=RG1520G)
the bridge is Roland Gk compatible, we all know that. But no one has been able to explain to me how different synth sounds are controlled from the guitar? Is it necessary to also buy the Roland MIDI foot control unit, or is stuff done from the guitar itself? I have the Boss GT8 pedal, (which is made by Roland and has MIDI controlling), so i wanted to know, if i get this guitar, will I be able to create synth sounds from my pedals, or will I have to go get the Roland unit along with the guitar (big bummer, in that case)...
you have to use the GK pickup with the roland floor board, i forget what its called. But youll have to buy it sepereately. My dad uses one with an external pickup that he installed on his strat. You can mix the signals of your clean guitar sound, to a mix of clean and synth, to pure synth. You control it with the floor board, and it basically makes your guitar sound like any instrument, or it creates voilion synths that can be interegrated with your guitar tone, its fune to play with, but youd have to get the right roland unit to use the pickup to its full potential.

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