Should hybrid picking be considerd as important as alternate. Cuz i got a friend that sais he wished he knew about it when he started. So should i look into it or consider it a toy?

Hybrid Picking can be an important part of your guitar playing arsenal, but it's up to you, there isn't anything you 'should' learn but it's a good skill to have when the need arises and can make playing some pasages much easier than the pick only approach.
It's the main reason beginners are instructed to hold the pick with the thumb and forefinger, that and it allows for better agility.
Depends if you're gonna use it. Usually if I'm playing notes on strings that aren't next to each other, I'll use both my pick and fingers - just more accurate.
The guitarists of Lynyrd Skynyrd often used hybrid picking and no matter how sucky SOME of their music was they had many amazing guitar riffs and solos.

Edit: Hybrid Picking: hold pick between thumb and index. use pick to play bass notes and play melody with middle, ring, and pinky.
Ahh. I just use whichever finger/pick for whichever string is easiest at the time.