I've recently started learning the accoustic guitar, i've only been playing for a matter of days so i'm not exactly great yet. To give you an idea of my level, i'm currently learning songs like good ridence, wonderwall and summer of 69. Does anyone know any other songs that sound good on the accoustic guitar and aren't to difficult to learn???
Sweet home alabama, theres so many man, the acoustic can do anything an electric can, but just not as heavy and more panzy lol, but it adds a better feel - sounds better..
Nickelback sounds alright on acoustic i love em
some more could be:
- Greenday - Boulevard of broken dreams
- Creed one last breath
- Here without you (3 doors down)
- tommy
john frusciante- past recedes sounds really great
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old beck, neil young, some pink floyd, alice in chains, nirvana unplugged, stone temple pilots.
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