Well, basically, i'm trying to write a song and our drummer won't be prctising for a few weeks so i wanted to ask if anyone knows the name of songs that have the typical rock drum beat so ican get it from guitar pro and copy it then write a song. Or does anyone know the tabs to the typical rock drum beat so i can put them into gp myself. I think the beat is 8 on hat-hat, 4 on snare and 2 on bass drum.

Thanks, the help will be greatly appreciated
um when u go to create a new percussion track, you know how that thing comes up with all the different percussion sounds and it has numbers next it it, u can either remember the numbers and place them on a different line of the tab each, or you can double click the hi-hats for example and it will put them in. If the window doesnt come up or you lose it click the symbol right next to where it has the drop down menu for the display size (100%), its near the fretboard viewer and the piano symbol. I hope this helps for writing your drum track. You should be able to figure it out once you can get atleast sometime to get on the lines.
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look at that site, has a ton of different lessons on drums. there is a section on rock drums that has examples you can look at. i find that online drum lessons are a great place for me to figure out what works well in drums, seeing as im not a drummer.