I was talking with my cousins about the contrast between rich and poor in Sydney and Australia as a whole (as well as lots of other countries) and ended up coming up with this song.

the Lucky Country

On a cold grey Sydney street
A pile of blankets, and underneath
A broken man
Bare blistered feet
Empty eyes look up at me

Keep going, hurry by
Don't look twice, don't wonder why
Don't care if he lives or dies
Go quickly home, never mind
'Cause you're living in
The lucky country

Bomb blasts
Mother's tears
Nuclear weapons
War fears

Greater good
Talk is cheap
And lies are free

Nice house
Diamond rings
Soft green lawns
Pretty things
Sunshine on the lucky country

The creeks don't run
A farmer's crying
Scorching sun
Sheep slowly dying
Crops won't grow, don't they know
that they are in the lucky country

Bomb blasts
Mother's tears
Nuclear weapons
War fears

Greater good
This is how it's got to be

Because we're living in the lucky country

Don't you know this is the lucky country?
yaaay, im the first 1 to comment here! okay, your song is very touchin u know, it makes the reader really think what u writtin about and feel it...thank u 4 de amazing work, no criticism
i like it.....shows what you are thinking perfectly....not really much critism....
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****ing christ! you my friend are a genious, you have actually made one of the most cliche and unoriginal topics into an amazing song. Ussually I rip something like this to pieces, stating a simplistic style that doesnt go anywhere and a simple message that really isnt thought provoking but you've somehow (and I havnt figured out how yet) made a song which is so simple and straightforward that its powerful? weird i know. Possibly its the fact that the simplicity parralells the easy shift in between war and generosity? i dunno, but excellent song and i dont say that about much on here, hell, i havent given out this good a crit to someone who hasnt been here for over a year in a long time.

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