hey ppl, 1 of the weird poems, tell me wat u tink,as we say CRIT 4 CRIT,thnx

I keep inside myself the pain
Which I would wish will go
With tears, laughter, all emotions
Are carved long time ago?
I can?t deny my destiny,
I can?t deny my fate,
The cruel pain in my heart
Became my soul mate.
Its evil smile and crazy eyes
Are staying all in me,
I?m waiting for a fight with it,
I?m waiting till we meet.
When I'll be strong to fight emotions,
I'll try to lock up pain
I'll never let the tears flow
I'll never let it rain.
And this might happen just when I
Will rest in peace
When I will dye?
So stop refusing,
Get used to it,
Let in the pain, but fight with it.
The life?s confusing,
But you must give
So you can take
So you can live?.
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