I have a marshall mg50dfx i know they're not very popular but please don't say anything like get a new amp or stuff like that because i cant.
Anyways the problem is that whenever i play with a distortion on it, not only at high volumes,(the volume was on 3), the amp starts crackling or cripling hoiwever u call it when you hear really loud cracks and makes horrible noises.
it doesn't happen whenever i turn the amp on, only if i hit a strong power chord or stuff like that.
I really need the amp to be fixed so please HELP ME.
probably the cheapest way around it, is to use the clean channel and pick up a distortion pedal.

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Play unplugged, and if you want distortion, just say "DCHZZZZZZZZZZZZ" as you play. Same effect as using an MG.

But yeah, those amps are unpopular for a reason (not all of us are just bandwagoners ) Get a distortion pedal like Jenny said. You'll enjoy the sound more anyway.
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