This is another song I wrote, inspired by all your typical metalcore/post hardcore sorta bands

Honest oppinions would again be very useful.

Thank you. =)
Post Hardcore.zip
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it was pretty cool, but the intro, in my opinion, repeated too many times. Actually lots of things were repeated a little too much. But I liked the riffs in it. Oh yeah and bar 16 and 17 had too many snare beats in it. Take a few out towards the end of each measure. By the way I liked that verse riff.
I liked most of the parts but some were just didn't sound good. First off I have to say that the drums were really well done, I really liked it except, as RedDeath said, you need to fix the snare in 16-17. Also, the intro is repeated too many times, you could repeat it four times but maybe each one differently and not all one thing. That's the main thing that I didn't like, too many parts being repeated and played exactly the same. But I did like the riffs, and in the verse riff, for the rhythym, IMO you should play a Bb5 (8th fret on the D string) instead of that D5.

Overall, this was pretty cool, but too much repetition.
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Another good song, but another song with too much repetition. I love your riffs, but to you repeat them too much. And your harmonies are exquisite as well, just trying to change up your riffs more often.

P.S. Your drums are awesome.
it was a bit repetative, but the riffs used were amazing

the first half of the solo (with the tapping) was repetative too but the second half fit very very well

good job
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I thaught that was well done, as stated above, it was quite repetitive, but i liked the solo, if only i could solo.... anyways, no bass? i know putting a bass line in there wouldnt have made a big difference, but it wouldve added to the depth and i think couldve made the solo even cooler sounding. but thats just my opinion.
i like it....fits the post hardcore genre.....to much rep but it was good...like the solo....8/10
I LOVE IT!!! Ive heard this before, but i never got around to critting it. I love it, but as usual, its repetitive, as every song is without lyrics. The riffs were great, good solos. MUY BIEN SENOR!
pm your e-mail adress to me and i will send you the version i made with bass in it, i also for the hec of it changed the crash cymbols to the high tat cymbols actually used on a drum set
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