I'm fairly new to bass, starting just two weeks ago. I rented it at first instead of buying it but now I really want to get my own stuff.

Now, I can buy whatever I'm renting (which is in good-as-new condition) for cheaper, but I'm not sure if the equipment is any good.

It's a ((red)) Yamaha RBX170 RM.

I personally like it and think it's awesome, but I haven't played anything else for any significant amount of times so I can't really compare. Also, I heard that if you buy new, good pick-ups and replace the old ones that come standard it'll be as good as buying a good bass, but cheaper.

Any help woulda be much appreciated.
i recorded one of my bands demos on an rbx 170. it has quite a nice sound for the studio but i reckon if you crank your amp up too much itll buzz etc. it doesnt play too well which, strange as it may sound, is good for a first bass. if you learn to play well with minimal help from the bass, when you get round to getting a better one you will be a hell of a lot better. plus it builds your muscles in your fingers up more and so on. yeah, id go with that yamaha but put some new pickups in it =)

good luck with the playing =) (you chose the right instrument)
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Thanks... I'll probably do that and get pickups later to improve the sound. Thanks again :-D
Quote by alexm23
Thanks... I'll probably do that and get pickups later to improve the sound. Thanks again :-D

I don't recommend putting new pickups in it, they are very tricky things. You shouldn't mess around with your electronics until you really know what you want. While changing the pickups can make the bass sound "better" it will only sound better, not play better. Unfortunatly what sounds good varies from person to person.

In short, don't change your pickups right now. It's a waist of your money.