Right having problems with figuring out the major scales i first looked at this and thought that this was the major pattern you played and that was it and you just move it around for diferent keys:

i then went and learned the pentatonic which was easy to understand and the whole pattern for the neck was easy to learn, but i then thought that the major scale must be like this and there is more than just the basic pattern shown above but i dont know where i can find it in the same way as i found the pentatonic shapes on the internet.

i then saw this the other day and it shows the major scale patter and it is different to th e one previously looked at as it is a differnt pattern and it is shown as played over 5 frets rather than 2 so im now confused and dont know wot im doing with the major scale

is there anyone who could help me understand this scale in the way that i undestand the pentatonic, i have learned the 5 patterns and can link them together in different scales and i want to be able to use the major scale in the same way

are the modes of the major scale just the same as the way there are patterns in the pentatonic :S
right clearly i mad a balls-up trying to explain that ill try again i learned pentatonic scale as the whole neck pattern in 5 patterns like this
Pentatonic A:

i know this is a bit messed up but thats wot i learned and i can do it for all keys,
im just wondering does the major scales work in the same way. This diagram below shows the major scale and its modes are the modes for the major scale the smae as the way there are patterns for the pentatonic?
I D P Ly M A L I
|o|-|o|-|o|o|-|o|-|o|-|o|o|-|o|-|o| this messed up aswell you can see it in the link in the first post

so wot im sayin is ionian the major scale equivilent of the first pattern of the pentatonic or something along those lines and is the pattern i just displayed there the whole major scale that i can just learn in the same way as the pentatonic? or am i really mistaken, lol
I believe you're really limiting yourself by memorizing fretboard patterns in your attempts to learn the fundamentals of music. Eventually this method, as you're now discovering, leads to a breakdown - it simply becomes too difficult to keep all of these patterns straight. More importantly, using this method will never lead to a deeper understanding of music theory.

I urge you to go back to the egg, so to speak, with the interval pattern for a major scale...


Apply this sequence all over your fingerboard, and practice it until you have it down cold. Once you're comfortable with this, and not before, you're ready to move on to modes and other, deeper studies.

This will take some discipline, as your fingers will want to revert to what they "know", but the rewards of building a solid foundation for further musical growth will be well worth it.
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I think you should focus more on what notes make up scales and how the major scale is made, rather than sticking to patterns. If you stick to patterns, that's how you'll fingers and mind will think.

If you want to play a G major scale, you'll look for the pattern instead of the notes. This will limit you because you will not understand major scales fully, all you will be doing is knowing how to play them, but you won't be able to understand how they relate to music. It happened to me at least...

Learn this pattern: W W H W W W H

Whole step/half step pattern for the major scales. Learn the major scales for different keys. I know it's a hassle as I was in your same position, but trust me, it's worth the relearning.
i know how to make up the scales and i have tried to build some from the WWH.... and i can do it for the major scales (all the modes as of today) and minor and minor pentatonic, but i find it less hassle to just learn the fretboard patterns but its alright now i figured out what i was wanting so thanks for your help anyway.