ok i love my guitar and i dont want anything bad to happen to it. Is it going to be bad for the guitar if i tune it down to drop c and drop b. If it matters what strings i have, its ernie ball mediums (.13's). i dont know how to adjust a truss rod if that matters.
if its that low and kept at that you would need some minor adjustments but not big ones. so just string it up and then wait for a day and then do truss rod adjustments
doesn't matter.

you'll be fine if you don't do anything to it.
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*don't Do truss rod adjustments unless u know exactly what you're doing....its too drastic...if the strings touch the fret board when the guitar is in drop c or b then maybe theres a lot of humidity? there are many other options besides truss rod adjustments plus .13s are strong enough to tune down and then back up and down again etc.
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