I've been interested in this amp, but it's really hard to find a store where I can go and try it out without driving a couple of hours. So I thought I'd do some research and see if anybody has played it or know about before I waste gas. If you know anything please help me out! I thought I saw one of the guitarist from The Bled used it, but I'm not sure. Help!!!

Not so sure about the AD140 but the AD series amps in general get a lot of praise. They're very versatile and have some great tones. It's deffinately worth checking out at least. Although, I'd deffinately recommend trying it first. It's a pretty expensive amp to just buy without even giving it a test drive.
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^ aye, also, you may want to look into the 30 watter. 140 watts = loud as hell.
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Yeah it is loud... Another question I had and have been looking on the internet for is how much gain this thing has. I play punk/hardcore/ emo stuff in my band, I also play some metal, could this amp do that for me????

Yeah, it might not have the gain for nu-metal, but it'll do other styles of metal just fine.
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I've played the AD140, and I have no reserve in saying it is the best amp I've ever played in my life. Incredible tone, but the clean doesnt have as much headroom as you may expect from a 140 watter. Also, consider whether you need the 140. The AD30 will suffice just fine if you're not playing stadiums, plus you'd be able to crank it more and thus get a better tone.

Definately make the drive to play it if you're considering buying it. I promise you won't be dissapointed, as long as you're not looking to play nu-metal on it.
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