hey i was wondering if there is anyway possible to add LED lights to an e-guitar. Like when you plug in your guitar to a processor/amp and play it would light up...............or if it would light up compared to the volume of sound. as is if you're playing softly the light would be dim and if you're playing heavy it would be real bright. is there any type of mod like this. if so please let me know and possibly post pictures. and if you don't know any mod with LED lights you can talk about some other cool mods...nothing lame please...thanks
Steve Vai has that in one of his guitars, im trying to find the link back to the website that does it.
I know someone who put LED's instead of Dot Inlays, and it looked crap.
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Matt Bellamy has a Manson Tele with that thing, but instead of LEDs he's got lasers. Like, the harder you play the brighter they are. But I think it's pretty hard to do.
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Matt Bellamy also installs fuzz factorys in fricking every guitar he gets manson to build so its probably out of a normal persons price range.
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to put led's in the inlays, you'd probably have to take off the fretboard, drill out the inlays, put clear inlays in, and wire led's under them.
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