I always liked the Jesus and Mary Chain and owned a few CDs but I only got round to buying Psycho Candy a few weeks ago. After repeated listens I was left confused as to why it's reported as being one of the best albums ever. Some songs are great but I think they're drenched in feedback a little too much. I can understand how it was influential but the feedback is just plain annoying. Anyway, what are your opinions on The Jesus and Mary Chain? Personally, I think Darklands is a much better album than Psycho Candy.

I've only got Psychocandy. I think it's ok, but always hear it like a less catchy version of the Stone Roses.

It was obviously very influential, and I might check out some of their other stuff. I was under the impression that Psychocandy was their masterpiece so the rest of their stuff wasn't essential. I do love the Pixies' cover of 'Head on'... is that on Darklands?
i like some songs... but i prefer BRMC who many say are a contemporary version of the same kinda thing?
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RobbieMac2002 gives good advice.
Got their 21 singles album - just abt the best compilation/best of CD I've got

Some Candy Talking, Just Like Honey, Almost Gold - hell, EVERY track is a classic
I wanna pick up Honey's Dead just because of it's first track, it's really good. I can't listen through all of psychocandy, I get distracted because the tracks sound so alike.

I do think they are considered shoegaze and are one of it's inventors
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I like them but never picked up any of their albums.
you tell me who's better. i think good charlote are better than the bealtes but that's only because their lyrics mean more and they are better musicians.

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They're like Souxsie & The Banshees for me; a band that I've known about for at least a decade and never really felt the need to listen to. Don't know why, I've only ever heard good things, just haven't taken the time...
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I heard two songs on psycho candy. the fedback on the second one made my turn it off.

way too annoying.
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I heard two songs on psycho candy. the fedback on the second one made my turn it off.

way too annoying.

Too much feedback? I can't imagine that. I'm moving Psychocandy higher on the priority list of Albums to Buy.

Edit: If you are talking about the song "the living end", I thought it rocked...
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I've only heard Psychocandy...but In A Hole, The Living End, and Taste The Floor are amazing.
best song on Psychocandy has to be Inside Of Me!
the heart is a risky fuel to burn
Bought Psychocandy 3 weeks ago, it's hard on the ears but there is a certain je ne sais qa to it i suppose. The best thing Bobby Gillespie ever done was get kicked out of TJAMC though because the Scream kick buttocks!
it's great because it's different. without the feedback, it would be as lame as... well, their later albums. basically worthless. not as intense, not as rock and roll.