I just recently started playing guitar and I purchased a Squier Fat Strat similar to the ones in the strat packs but I got the special edition:


The purpose of this post is to question the quality of the components used in this guitar.

Do they put good pickups in them?

Are the strings the factory uses really cheap in quality?

Is there a cheap way to upgrade it?

I am not thinking about doing anything right now just learning how to play the thing but I am sure in the future I will want it to sound better.

If you could list like the top 5 things I could do to make this thing sound better that would be awesome.
it seems like a good beginner guitar...when you get better, you could always put new pick ups
good pickups, kinda
good strings, they should be ok but ernie balls wouldnt hurt
cheap way to upgrade, not really

pickups are gonna be the best way to make it sound better, but there about 50 each. right now im rebuilding a strat copy, if you wanna see what im up to theres a link in my sig. if you need more help ill see what i can do
if im thinkin about buying a guitar, i change the strings before i even buy it so i can get a closer idea of how it will sound
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Just changed the strings today. Went with some Boomer #9's. Haven't got a chance to play it yet though.

Kinda had trouble with resetting up the guitar as The Guitar Center didn't want to help me out.

Started tuning the guitar, would tune the 6th string down to the 1st, and then go back to the 6th and it was way off so I would have to start over again. My bridge ended up like an inch off my guitar in the back before I realized it.

I loosened everything back up and took it into my guitar instructor and he got her straightened out for me.
i have a standard series squire fat strat (exactly like the one you linked to except its champage instead of black). one thing ive noticed is that the pots arent great. upgrading those to some decent quality pots would be a nice upgrade that isnt too expensive, im planning on doing it myself eventually. it wont make the guitar sound better per say, but it will make adjustments to tone and volume much smoother and the controls more responsive. the only other thing i can think of that would be cheap is some better tuners, which again wont help the sound a ton but will help tuning stability.