I've been saving up my money for a while now and I was wondering. If (considering my favorite guitarists) I would be better off going with a Fender Stratocaster or A Gibson Les Paul... I know the difference (sorta) but I can't decide and I need some help. I wanna be able to play rock and ska, If I can't get a good metal tone then thats ok

so heres tha favorite guitarists:
Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
Matt Bellamy (Muse)
Jimi Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix Experience)
Tom Morello (RATM/Audioslave)
Brad Nowell (Sublime)

Well, I favour strats.. So my opinion is to get a strat. The best thing you could do is goto a shop and play as many strats and LP's as you can to see which you prefer. Don't buy a guitar brand new from a shop though, look around at second hand ones. Consider the lawsuit era LP copies (by Tokai), and early 80's japanese squier strats and similar, try ebay for those
You need a versatile guitar it sounds like then. Start or Les Paul's are both very versatile.

Try some of them out and see what you like feel and soundwise.

Looking at your favoritve guitarists a strat would do the job. I play one and I play music from all of those artists.
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You need a versatile guitar it sounds like then. Start or Les Paul's are both very versatile.


back on topic, get a fat strat.
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yeah I wasn't gonna buy it without trying them both out and I'l try the fat strat, I just wanted another opinion
i have a friend who bought a epi LP put gibson pickups in it and then carved a hole for another pickup of some sort in mid position, it sounds sweet but it left a few scratches,

i'd prefer the lp basically
they might not be just as versatile as the strat but you also get better finishes and woods used by gibson.
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For the guitarists you like, most of them use strats/single coils (Hendrix, Morello, possibly Nowell), so go strat.