Hi, I have few qestions I hope someone could shine light on about Improvising Lead and scales.

I mean like you know when a song is playing and you do like lead over the top of it to follow to tune, not neassary like a solo.

Anways my bros mate is like amazing at acoustic guitar, I think anyways, and he play all by ear, does not know any music thoery or anything, pure GIFTED, he teaching me bit and helping me out with songs etc.

When I say play a song he can play over me and like follow it with lead sound amazing, he said all he does is if say the song is in the key of A play the A note then mov into B and follow this scale he worked out
example song in Key of A

d---------------7---- 9-----11--------------------
a-------------- 7-----9-------------------------

He then jus using this scale.pattern over the fret board finding the B note and working from there.

He saying all u do if once u know key of song, do ur lead in the key above e.g KEy of G song lead in A

I know nothing about scales or lead, could some explain to me what is happening, what scalles should i learn, I use that scale he showed me can play along with songs but i get stuck for notes like where to go next

Thanks for your time
Play B over A? Why? Sounds bad. B has 5 sharps in its scale, A only has 3... a big difference.

If the song is in the key of A, play Amajor. Simple. If you're resolving to a B note over a progression that resolves to an A, you'll sound... erm... off.

Playing lead well takes time; once you learn your fretboard and your scale patterns/shapes, you get used to finding new notes and learning how to reach a climactic moment in the solo. You can't just do it outright.

As a side note, obviously this guy does know theory because all his advice is music theory.
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Yea all he knows is the keys, and that bit about lead, but he dosent know what chords or called or anything.

I am not really sure but when he does it sound perfect with song, I not disagreeing with u maybe i explained it wrong.

But like i have used that scale he showed me, and when a song was in C i play the scale from the 5th string 5 fret (D) or 10th fret 6th string and work that pattern,and I got it to work with song like he does dunno lol

Thanks for your input anyways dude