Ive got this Squire Fat Telly & i want to beef up the pickups on it but i havn't got a clue what to buy to replace the ones thet are already in place .

Not long ago i bought myself a ESP LTD EC 2005 & i love it so much i hardly play my Telly & its a shame coz i really like it & i dont want to sell it, so for the sake of a couple of hundred or so.............i dont really know, id rather buy some new pickups for it, but to be honest i havnt got a clue what to buy.

It has a humbucking pickup at the top of the neck & a single pickup at the bridge......it sound's really tinny through my AVT 50 so i want to put something in it that will shake the fillings out of my head .

Please i really need your help guys..........thanks
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styles you play might point us in a good direction
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Sorry, erm...i like Metallica, Trivium, Killswitch engage, Alter bridge..ect you get the pic
youll probalby wnat to use your bridge pickup for bands like that. SInce you have a single coil setup in the bridge, you might want to look into routing and adding a humbucker. If that is out of the question, which i agree is a little extreme, check out some pickups that are humbuckers styled to fit the tele single coil slot in the bridge. I put a seymour duncan little 59' in my tele and it sounds great. HOwever, it still retains that twangy punch that teles are known for, it just has more beef then the its regular thin bridge sound.

I dont know all the available single coiled style humbuckers there are but you shoudl definitly look into those, they would be the easiest way to add some kick to your tele

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yeah routing your guitar would be heartbreaking and extreme, cutting big holes in it. Look at S/D hotrails, Malmsteen dimarzio stacked 'bucker, or other stacked humbuckers like ark said....thast about it really, unless you do want to route, but i wouldnt
Why did Pat Metheney cross the road? He didn't, his hair got in the way
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how much do you wanna spend? and id think a stacked single in the bridge and something smoother for the neck if need be would be alright