i did a search for a thread like this already, and nothing came up

there are so threads about people 'buying a new guitar' or 'buying their next guitar', it got me wondering. how many guitars DO you people have?
and break it down (number of acoustics, number of electrics, etc.)

i'll start

ive got eight guitars (ok, six and two basses) and a mandolin but that doesnt count for now

four electrics, two acoustics, and two basses
2 electrics and 1 acoustic
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3 electrics 1 acoustic, if i could id have every guitar id even taken an interest in, people always say, youre more of a collector than a player. I say, well fuck you.....at least i can play
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i've got 3 electric and 1 acoustic, but i'ma try to sell one or 2 of my electrics
My 5 guitars are listed in my sig. They're all electrics. Of those, my Agile is my main guitar.

I also play a cheapo Ibanez Soundgear G-10 bass. It belongs to a friend, but I have it on long-term loan. He only needs it as a backup when his band plays a gig.
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1 yamaha electric........1 stagg flying v.........1 encore acoustic

i would have LOADS more but....i'm not Bill Gates...so i can't afford them
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5 electrics, 2 acoustics
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2 electrics,i acoustic, and one basically unplayable 12 string acoustiv i got for free
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3 electric, 1 acoustic
1 electric i plan to smash
1 acoustic i plan to smash
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My strat and my no name acoustic
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1 yamaha electric........1 stagg flying v.........1 encore acoustic

i would have LOADS more but....i'm not Bill Gates...so i can't afford them

how do you like your stagg? i have a stagg sg i got to mod. it's surprisingly accurate to a real sg, but the pups it came with were pretty garbage. i replaced those of course with vintage dimarzios. i dont know what model they are though

edit: i always joke that i need a seperate guitar for every legitimate alternate tuning
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2 electrics 3 acoustics 1 12 string(acoustic) and a dulcimer(if that counts)
1 Electric
1 Acoustic
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3 Electrics
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1 Acoustic: 1969 harmony