Or does My Sharona have one of the most rippin solo's?

Anyway, what do you people think of Steve Miller Band?

I think he has great riffs, and some amazingly catchy songs too.

Your thoughts?
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i like his voice. pretty unique in my opinion. also wrote many good song i want to see him in concert but cant make it
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I enjoy what I've heard from Steve Miller, which is pretty much the Fly Like An Eagle album
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Steve Miller is alright, he's nothing special in guitar playing or song writing, but his songs are catchy and timeless.
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the steve miller band is alright...they have a few good songs
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I don't think the solo is that amazing, it's still good though.
But yeah, the Steve Miller Band does have some pretty kick-ass tunes and they have some damn good guitar playing.
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I like the Steve Miller Band.

They're music is relaxing and catchy, and their blues songs (which is mostly their early material when they were still the Steve Miller Blues Band) are pretty good, too.
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That said, Steve Miller is awesome.
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I always thought Steve Miller sucked. But I like that little diddy he put on one record. What was it called "babes in the woods" or something like that. I get a kick out of pickin it.