i love blues but i dont really know blues players and i dont know names of any good albums. so can you recommend on the 1-2 electric blues albums that are considered the best out there.
i dont know if the name for it is really electric blues, i mean blues that involves the electric guitar and has a lot of solos.

I'm probaly gonna get flamed for being a total noob but if anyone can help than i'll appreciate it.
the essential stevie ray vaugnn

2 disc set, it's one of my fav.
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listen to stevie ray vaughan.

Texas flood I think is his most famous.

And check out BB King, his stuff is a little different than SRVs.
Dont worry about getting yelled at on the blues forum. Were pretty civilized areound here.

Texas Flood - SRV
Live at Cook County Jail - B.B. King
Damn Right Ive Got the Blues - Buddy Guy
Irish Tour 74 - Rory Gallagher

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Quote by jlhenry
the essential stevie ray vaugnn

2 disc set, it's one of my fav.

i agree thats a great album because it shows a bunch of his work thru his career. You should look up Freddie King, Albert King, John Lee Hooker, T-bone walker, Robert Johnson, and SRV of course. (those are a couple of my favorites and its mostely older stuff)
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thank you all very much.
also i have a question: led zeppelin got some very nice bluesy songs ("since i've been loving you" is great), is that considered blues or more like "rock-blues"?