Im going to college and im just bringing my acoustic for now to make sure my roomate isnt a thief. I have a new gibson explorer i just bought and I was wondering if its good for it to leave it in its case while im gone. Ill be gone for a month or two at a time. Will this effect the guitar in any way? Thanks for the help.
dont think so might make it go out a tune a tad, just dont leave it next to a radiator or by the window just incase heat does something to it i aint highly knowledgable on this so there could be something else, shame to leave such a nice guitar for two months with out being played is the only problem i see here
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It shouldn't really do the guitar any harm. But you should release the string tension a little just to make sure. All this is writting in the little booklet they give with Gibsons btw
tune down, if theres humidity maybe get a humidifier or some of those little humidity sachets that come with new guitars..... keep in shade and not near anything hot then it should be fine...
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Tuning down for long periods of time would straighten out the slight bow in the neck, and could possibly warp. When you play the guitar and leave it in tune it does no damage, why would not playing it while leaving it in tune cause any damage? Just leave in the the case and in a low humidty place like a closet.
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to release tension on the neck for longer periods of time, though i see where you are coming from

(not Argentina, obivously)
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Ummmm.... it's *supposed* to go in the case.

That's what a case does. It holds your guitar.

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Ummmm.... it's *supposed* to go in the case.

That's what a case does. It holds your guitar.

Exactly what I was going to say...lol
Thats where it belongs and is the safest place for it, of course if you are not playing it.
Thanks for the help guys. I have heard horror stories about detuning you guitar and leaving it in a case for an extended period of time. Its better to be safe then sorry. I just dont want anything to happen to my baby, lol. Thanks guys. Any more input is greatly appreciated.
If you relieve the tension of the strings, there will still be the tension from the truss rod. Leaving your guitar in the case at standard tuning will not be a problem.
I wouldn't worry about your room mate stealing your guitar, I'd worry more about other people that just stop in your room for a few minutes. I've lived on campus at school for three years and none of my three guitars have been stolen (including one that is worth a thousand dollars.) However, one of my friends that went to school at Eastern Michigan was burglarized twice in one year.
A couple of months it should be fine in a case.

I have to say, I'm VERY VERY leery of leaving my guitars in cases anymore. When
I stopped playing, my 2 Gibson's -- Super 400 CES and L5S -- sat in the cases
unopened for a least a couple of years. When I opened up the Super 400 the
pickguard was extremely warped and some of the metal parts had corroded almost
all the way through. The L5S had a lot of corrosion on the tuners. For the
most part, I now leave them out on stands. That has drawbacks too, but I don't
trust cases anymore.
GO EXPLORERS!!! Explorers FTW! Shouldn't damage it if it is in a not to warm not to wet situation.